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Her husband is a singer first wife was Miss Asia in America, the married of Quang Dung, Jennifer Pham same ’success’ is her second contempt An old South Vietnam, was considered a ‘model family’ of world artists. However, recently, two straight couples ’split’ with these words in public opinion that share topical questions about the ability of coral broken families.
It can be said, not many couples in showbiz Vietnamese village received many graces as loving and caring Quang Dung – Jennifer Pham. Most spokesman, actions or events that the pair “his girls best assets” is involved or concerned, will create attention.
Quang Dung – Jennifer met the first day of the All American movie “The leaves of time.” Photo: Q.D

Quang Dung famous capital from early 2000. The vocal music romance, a deep and powerful fan base, not worse than what the artist market. Therefore, since the information revealed singer Quang Dung and Pham Miss Jennifer love in 2006, public opinion immediately got up to talk of exciting wave. His supporters, but anyone who does not admit, sometimes they are beautiful. Less than a year, from May 9 / 2006 chance meeting in Nha Trang tour then tingle fake movie love movie leaves it in time, Pham Quang Dung and Jennifer suddenly locked in a ceremony every question Engaged in luxury hotels Ho Chi Minh City center.
After the wedding, Quang Dung and Jennifer quickly proved to everyone that they are beautiful couple of showbiz Vietnam, from continually appear together, looking happy sitting on the side, hand in hand at the romantic Events, festivals … In concert in 2008, she wore a white dress, beautiful serene as step out from the dream, she played Juliet to tell the audience notes her husband’s love story – Romeo stood on stage singing.
February 2008, Annam baby was born. “Fresh fruit” of the couple’s families have shown they are the best, happiest, worth outsider envy. Quang Dung images showing sons on a magazine cover, did not hide the joy and pride made available. Jennifer Pham also increasingly salty as that, more glamorous past. She continued appearing in guest roles in the event, the party … Even the images of “living space” of the couple were on television and published in many newspapers. Who looks at the tongue must praise their rules so happy
The speculation of rifts and expression
At any one any showbiz, artists inevitably non-urban. Nice pair like Quang Dung, Jennifer Pham, more talk, whisper. From the new statement is sight, in love or happy, young couple received many rumors. People say, Quang Dung, Jennifer is married to legalize “the passport to America”, one wonders why male singer married when sexuality in questionable …. On the side of her Miss America back from, some have argued that, Quang Dung, Jennifer will get easier for art activities at home, even, there is much speculation about far and near have a child Annam Quang Dung’s intestines or not …
All are questionable. And Quang Dung, Jennifer Pham have remained silent. They can not answer that through action. They married and give birth. They are happy and proud to share that joy with the fans.
But the happiness that audiences usually see fade. Since late 2009, after the singer’s birthday party Dam Vinh Hung in Ho Chi Minh City at 30 / 9, they no longer match the steps together, often split to attend the event. Those interested to witness continuous Jennifer Pham alone to a party, conference or go opening the clothing store. Quang Dung also often alone when matched, even during important occasions such as private music night at the Wake Games QD bar spring. On his hands and Jennifer also wore no wedding ring familiar.
Frequency of individual couples increasingly “thick”. Marks the peak of the crack may include evenings 7 / 5, get a new car, next to no Jennifer Pham Quang Dung. Come rather late husband, fun photography with a young female colleague and then straight onto the stage singing happy event of famous brand cars and absolutely no moment of neighboring wife. Jennifer Pham mixed in the crowd the stage, see her husband sing.
Before this event 2 days, 5 / 5, in a press conference to introduce more concerts on the love of Quang Dung in Ho Chi Minh City. Male singer said Jennfer It does not appear in Quy Nhon City and performed with him in the special night this (Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh is the hometown of singer Quang Dung). The reason he offers: “Jennifer is not eligible to participate in his concerts and programs of Quang Dung to professionalism.”
Share of people in the
In the same press conference on 5 / 5, with the deeper questions about the absence Jennifer Pham, Quang Dung, said that involving family life, personal, I do not want to mention on the report. However, in this time, answer a famous magazine, he said: “I’m lonely.”
“Maybe lack of interest in Quang Dung things that I’ve invested a lot in recent years” was the answer of Jennifer Pham in the press about this. Attached to that, if Miss also thinking, “do not go together can not claim to cracking. And on they could not confirm that salinity concentrations are happy.”
Avoidance and frankly did not answer the question from the press still is the way that both Pham Quang Dung and Jennifer were ever selected.
However, some of them also confided in part to help the audience see the status of this marriage. Remember, after the show Charming Vietnam in January in the past, when a magazine reporter questions about the couple played together and not go directly asked about the current marriage, Jennifer did not answer on the problem, but she also said, “Can a marriage with Quang Dung is due to hastily marry two people knew each other when one year is not enough.”
Happy couples photos in wedding three years ago. Photo: QD.
Meanwhile, the article also said “I’m lonely,” male vocalist of the coastal city of Quy Nhon also share more: “There are things no strikes or in family life is more correct, and photos I also enjoy up to quite a lot. I spent a long time in silence his own collection, and how wanderous more days. I’m just saying that’s all because the only people in the new understanding. “
It is true that only people in the new understanding. However, before the events and actions took place on “unusual” but actually, a couple who are happy little show like that, surely, Jennifer Pham Quang Dung and caused no little wonder questions and concerns from the public.

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